Services Summary

As complex as government regulations may be, we prefer to keep things as simple and straight forward as possible.  The Big Picture Consulting offers 50-State, Professional, Timely, Effective, and Sustainable HR & Safety compliance support.  No ‘Wizards’, No ‘Module Templates’, No Canned Responses!  Only real advice and support from real HR & Safety professionals who want to help you protect both your employees and your long-term business interests.

Once your account is activated, our professionals can and will effectively be part of your team and assist you with whatever you need… You are the boss.

Common Consultative Tasks:

  • Employee Handbook: Review & Update or From Scratch Creation
  • HR Process & Procedure Analysis, Support, and Development.
  • Onboarding/Termination document packet review and/or creation
  • Compensation Plan: Compliance Review, New Plan Development, Performance Pay OT Calculation Support, Processing Training.
  • Safety Program Analysis & Support: Documentation & Training
  • Situational Advice: “My employee just did X…”, “I just received this email threatening…”, “OSHA is visiting on Wednesday, WHAT DO I DO?”
  • Onsite Services: Site Review, Program Analysis, Safety Procedure/Training Review, Management or Employee Level compliance training.
  • Whatever else YOU can think of! We are open to exploring any idea to help ensure your compliance and Peace of Mind!

All that is left is setting up your account with TPBC.

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Still have questions about TPBC services and options?  Please CONTACT US today and get your answers!