Welcome to The Big Picture Consulting!

Whether you need new documents, policies, or emergency support due to a government audit or employee situation, TBPC follows a Business Goals First consulting philosophy that goes well beyond typical compliance support you see from ‘add-on modules’ provided by payroll or Worker’s Compensation companies.  Not only will you receive the letter of the law, but also an honest risk analysis of how to most efficiently comply with those laws or regulations and how they may impact your business operations, company culture, and long-term goals.

Every piece of advice offered is filtered through the lens of providing you with any and all information needed to make the most qualified business decision possible as well as a variety of options to allow you to accomplish your goal in any given situation.  Whatever you are facing, TBPC will provide solutions and ongoing support/assistance through every step of the way… All while achieving and maintaining the highest level of compliance protection possible for your business!

Meet The TPBC Lead Consultants

Ian Schotanus- Owner & HR & Safety Consultant

Ian is the Managing Member and Lead Consultant for TBPC.  As a US Navy veteran, having worked in the retail/service field as both Sales and Technician, and a decade’s worth of experience as a National Level HR & Safety Compliance consultant, he has a well-established knowledge base specifically geared to assist Residential and Commercial Service Providers.  He has personally assisted hundreds of companies prevent or minimize financial damage caused by employee lawsuits, OSHA investigations, Wage and Hour Division audits, and more!

Outside of work, Ian is a father of 4 (going on 5) energetic and growing children. Being a full-time consultant and devoted father does not leave much free time or energy, but what he has goes towards being an avid reader, volunteering at his church and children’s school, as well as playing any video, board, or card games he can get his hands on.

Susan Schotanus – Sr. HR Consultant

Susan in a co-owner and Senior HR Consultant for TBPC.  Susan earned a Master’s Degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the University of Colorado-Denver.  After graduation, Susan began her professional career as a consultant for 7 years with Booth Research Group, assisting police and fire departments in evaluating the best leaders for promotion within their organizations.  This position allowed Susan to develop the ability to view problems from multiple perspectives, including those of employees, management, and customers.  In addition, Susan has almost 10 years of consulting experience with service providers nationwide, helping companies within this industry navigate the muddy waters of HR compliance.  Susan possesses the Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) certification from the Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCI), a nationally recognized HR certification for company-wide strategic planning.

Susan spends time away from work caring for her 4 (soon to be 5) children.  Their varied needs and passions keep her busy!  However, whenever possible, Susan finds time to read books of many genres, volunteering at church and her children’s school, and finding ways to continue her love of learning.